Belazshop: We Open a New Store in China

Posted by admin 01/06/2018 3 Comment(s)

China’s job market and working practices differ from ours big time. There is a very big turnover, the Chinese change jobs quickly for better salary elsewhere. Also, the most talented employees still prefer big companies over startups. Moreover, power within the company is very high, which leaves no place for creativity.

But all isn’t lost. The culture difference doesn’t automatically imply that the custom is loved. It just “is” like that. New generations Y and Z never lived in a world without America’s soft power influencing behaviors. They crave a more open and flexible work environment. They are often curious and willing to learn, and do not hesitate to go overboard to that end.

Empowering employees, making them understand and be part of the company process is key. Transparency too as Chinese companies usually never are. Localize your knowledge and relationships.

 We are pleased to welcome you to our Chinese office!

3 Comment(s)

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